Webinar – Accelerated Lamb Production

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Date: September 23, 2014
Richard Ehrhardt, Ph.D.
Small Ruminant Extension Specialist
Michigan State University
Time: 1 hour 24 minutes
Host: Dr. Jay Parsons, University of Nebraska


Accelerated lamb production is a system of management that allows a ewe to give birth more than once per year and in doing so, creates a year round supply of market ready lambs. Creation of a steady, year round supply of lambs is key to building new lamb markets and strengthening existing ones. By increasing reproductive efficiency (number of lambs produced per ewe per year), accelerated production also has the potential to decrease the cost of lamb production. This seminar will cover the basics of accelerated production, indicate resources required for success, identify constraints to successful adoption and provide management strategies to overcome these constraints.

This webinar is made possible with funding support from the American Sheep Industry Association and the Rebuild the Sheep Inventory Committee.

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