Best Practices to Increase Your Lamb Crop

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Reid Redden, Ph.D.
Sheep and Goat Specialist
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Host: Dr. Jay Parsons, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Date: August 30, 2016

The American sheep industry produces a 110 percent lamb crop annually. This level of production provides less than half of the American demand for lamb. Because the majority of revenue from sheep operations are based on the sale of lamb, an increase in lamb crop should improve the profitability of individual sheep producers and the industry as a whole. However, improvements in flock lamb crop is a challenging goal to accomplish and producers must implement numerous best management practices to attain higher lamb crops. To assist the industry make improvements in national lamb crop, a reproductive efficiency task force has develop a factsheet that outlines 12 best management practices to increase flock lamb crop. American sheep farmers and ranchers are all unique and require different types of management based on resources, environment, labor, and other factors. However, most all sheep operations in the US should be able to implement a few of the 12 recommended best management practices and attain a higher lamb crop in the future.

This webinar is made possible with funding support from the Let’s Grow Committee of the American Sheep Industry Association.

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