Refining our nutrition program to meet the mineral and vitamin needs of our sheep flocks

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Dr. Dan Morrical, Professor of Animal Science
Iowa State University

Host: Dr. Jay Parsons, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Date: July 19, 2016

Minerals and Vitamins are not required in very large amounts but inadequate or imbalances of these nutrients can create quite a problem in our flocks. Excess copper is probably the primary toxicity we see in sheep flocks. Increased molybdenum and sulfur can both reduce copper absorption and is an example how minerals interact to impact our sheep. This program is aimed at helping producers understand the current problems that happen when sheep are not appropriately supplemented. Additionally, we will focus on reviewing mineral tags and understanding what it says and how it needs to be fed. The last portion of the presentation will focus on how to make modifications to existing diets to improve the production in our flocks. This webinar is being presented as a follow up to the excellent program given in 2015 by Dr. Robert Van Saun, Dietary Supplements: A Necessity or Folly. That webinar is still available at Dietary Supplements Webinar.

This webinar is made possible with funding support from the Let’s Grow Committee of the American Sheep Industry Association.

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