Preventing and Controlling Footrot in Sheep

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Mike Neary, PhD
Extension Small Ruminant Specialist
Purdue University

Host: Dr. Jay Parsons, Department of Agricultural Economics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Time: 8:00 PM Eastern; 7:00 PM Central; 6:00 PM Mountain; 5:00 PM Pacific

Predators and footrot have probably caused more sheep producers to leave the business over the years than any other causes. Footrot is costly to deal with in terms of labor costs, health product costs, and reduced performance by animals in the flock. It can also be a humane and animal welfare issue in flocks with a high prevalence of footrot. Footrot is highly contagious and can be difficult to eradicate, yet is entirely preventable. Footrot is caused by the synergistic action of two anaerobic bacteria; Fusobacterium necrophorum and Bacteroides nodosus. The condition is aggravated when environmental conditions such as mud, moisture and warmth are present. This discussion will include how sheep acquire footrot, how to prevent it, and how to control and eradicate it.  

This webinar is made possible with funding support from the Let’s Grow Committee of the American Sheep Industry Association.

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1 Comment on “Preventing and Controlling Footrot in Sheep

  1. Very educational, learned a lot listening to the presentation, was unable to watch webinar to to last minute computer issues.
    Definitely going to use the information that was made avaible.
    Thank you for the presentation.

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